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baldness, receding, hair loss, sparse hair, thinning hair, hair follicles, scars, skin disorders, Alopecia, cancer, chemotherapy,

Micropigmentation, tattooing, non-surgical treatments, hair simulation, camouflage.

Some frequently asked questions answered by Men’s Lastingenhancements North East England

Q. Does Micro-pigmentation hurt?
A It is virtually pain free with minimal discomfort

Q. What are the benefits?
A. It can create the look of having a full head of hair and camouflage any sparse areas.

Q. How long does it last?
A. It lasts 1-5 years depending on the individual.

Q. Do I need a consultation?
A. Yes. As every individuals needs are different.

Q. Does scalp Micropigmention hurt?

A. There is a certain amount of pressure, this depends on the individual

Q. How long does it last?

A. It can last 1-5 years depending on the individual  it is recommended to have a refresh every 12-18 months









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