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People who suffer from:

Baldness - Sparse hair - Alopecia - Cancer - People with little confidence - People who like to look their best at all times

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Baldness often implies the partial or complete lack of hair.

The majority of baldness is generally in me associated with the scalp. Male Pattern Baldness is medically

referred to as Androgenic Alopecia or Androgenic Alopecia ( AGA - alopecia androgenetica) and effects

around 7 million people in the UK alone. The degree of pattern hair loss/baldness can vary.

The Norwood-hamilton scale can appear in 7 stages:-

These treatments are also available for women who have sparse or thinning hair this can give more density and the illusion of thicker hair

More than 95% of thinning hair loss is male patterned baldness. Hair loss in men (Androgenetica) alopecia

is characterised by hair receding the movement backwards from the original point, from the temple. The top

most corners of the frontal hairline also known as the lateral sides of the forehead commonly referred to as a

receding hairline and/or thinning of the crown, the area of scalp located towards the rear of the flat plane of

the head (medically referred to as the vertex). Over a period if time both can become more prominent until

they eventually meet, leaving a horse-shoe shaped ring of the hair around the back of the head. The ring of

hair at the back of the head is generally considered the donor area. The hair follicles in this area are unaffected

by the causes of hair loss responsible for the loss of hair at the frontal hairline, mid-scalp (anterior

vertex) and crown (vertex).

Hair Loss in men can often present several symptoms:

Increase in number of hairs shed each day (up to 100 hairs per day is considered normal)

Increase in the visibility of scalp through the hair

Loss of pigmentation....the colouring of the skin, hair, mucous membranes, and retina of the eye.

Pigmentation is due to the deposition of the pigment melanin which is produced by cells called melanocytes

of the hair.

Increase in the height of the hairline (measurement taken from the brow/bridge of nose) a pattern of loss

taken by the Hamilton-Norwood scale.

Thinning or hair loss in men can cause a great deal of stress and emotion ie

Prematurely aged

Differing of appearance with the social demographic or peer group

Reduction in self-esteem

Reduction in confidence

Feeling less attractive

These treatments also benefit women who have sparse or thinning hair.









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